1. Help

How do you get help for your programmes?
User support is very important to us. This is why we offer several different options that you can use to obtain help or answers to your questions.
  1. FAQ on our website:
  2. Problem report form:
  3. group on Telegram:
  4. Facebook messenger:
When writing to us, try to give as much detail as possible to speed up getting a response. If you want to report a specific software problem, here is how to do it: I have a problem with your programme. How and where do I report it?
Reporting problems

You can find a form for reporting a problem on Report a problem

2. Licence

Can an account number licence be transferred to another number?

No, the licence is permanently assigned to a particular account number and once it has been issued, it can no longer be changed. If you need a licence for an additional account number then you can extend the licence to a named version. You can make the extension by purchasing an upgrade for your product in our shop. Go to shop.

Can I use the licence on trial/challenge accounts in FTMO?

If you have a licence in your name then in FTMO you will not be able to use it. FTMO labels all accounts with a standard name and there is no way to distinguish who the user is. For TRIAL accounts, you will find downloadable keys at Updates | Demo versions. For CHALLENGE / FUNDED accounts, you can buy a package of 5 licences per account number and add further numbers as you progress in FTMO.

How does the name licence work?

The software will work on any real account opened in the name provided when purchasing the licence. There are no restrictions on the number of accounts or brokers. You do not need to worry if you have different variations of the name entered with different brokers. Upper/lower case, first name/surname order, middle name, Polish characters - none of these things are a problem - the licensing mechanism will handle all variants.

Do you have a problem with your licence key?

How does the account number licence work?

The software will only work on one specific account number provided at the time of purchase.

Do you have a problem with your licence key?

3. Troubleshooting

How do I save FX Harvest PRO settings to files?

FX Harvest PRO settings are stored in 2 locations.

  1. Programme start-up settings
    1. open settings - F7 key
    2. go to the "Enter parameters" tab
    3. select "Save" in the bottom right corner
    4. file with the extension .set will be saved - by default in the MQL4 directory in the Data Folder
  2. Current settings
    1. open the settings panel - tick the box next to the letter "S"
    2. enter settings file name
    3. click "SAVE"
    4. will be saved a file with the specified name with a .txt extension in the MQL4\Files\FXH_Settings directory in the Data Folder
How do I save indicator settings to a file?

You can save the indicator settings to a file. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. open the list of indicators - CTRL + I
  2. double-click on the indicator name
  3. go to the "Enter parameters" tab
  4. select "Save" in the bottom right corner
  5. file with the extension .set will be saved - by default in the MQL4 Presets directory for MT4 or MQL5 Presets for MT5 in the Data Folder
I have a licence and the programmes still run in demo versions

There could be two reasons for this behaviour. You are running programmes on a demo account and

  1. demo is not opened with name from licence - solution: open demo account with data (name from licence)
  2. the demo is already open with the correct data but the licence key has not been uploaded to the correct directory - solution here: I have a problem with the licence key. What should I do?
I have a licence but I get the message "Demo expired".

Such a message appears when trading on a demo account if the account was not opened in the name from the licence. Possible solutions:

  1. download a new version of the programme with an extended demo period from the site Updates | Demo versions
  2. open a demo account with the data (name and surname) from the licence
I have a problem with the licence key. What should I do?

If you are running the programme in demo mode, make sure you are logged into a DEMO account. Programs without a licence key cannot be run on REAL accounts, a licence error will be shown.

If you have purchased a licence and the programme reports a problem with the licence key then follow these steps:

  1. check that the key included in the software package is placed in the Data Folder in the specified subdirectory and if not, upload it and try running the programme again:
    1. for MT4 - MQL4 Files
    2. for MT5 - MQL5 Files
    3. for Trading Simulator (Strategy Tester) - Tester Files
  2. if after performing the steps in pt. 1 the program still reports a problem with the key check that:
    1. in the case of an account number licence, check that you are running the programme while logged in to the broker on the account number you specified for the licence
    2. in the case of a surname licence, check that you run the programme while logged in to the broker on the account with the name you entered for the licence (applies to both real and demo accounts)
    3. in the case of Trading Simulator (Strategy Tester), make sure you are logged in with a REAL account, the licensed version of Simulator does not work with demo accounts
  3. if, after performing the steps in point. 2 still reports a problem with the key check the licence entries in the log and make sure you have the correct key and that it matches your account details
  4. if you have followed all of the above steps and are still having trouble with your key, please send us an e-mail or messenger by attaching a log file
I have a problem with your programme. How and where do I report it?

The programmes are accompanied by detailed installation and operating instructions. Make sure you read the instructions and follow all the installation steps before reporting a problem. The most frequently asked questions relate to:

  • licence key error
  • no possibility to trade in FX Harvest PRO
  • ClusterDelta subscription

If you have read our FAQs and instructions for the programme and are unable to find the answer / solution to the problem yourself then please report it to us. Please describe what the problem is - try to give us information so that we can help you quickly. Don't be surprised if a perfunctory report such as "it doesn't work for me" is answered with an equally perfunctory "it works for us" 😉 Include with your report:

  1. a screenshot of the described situation (you can use the Slice and Draft tool provided with Windows - it is activated by pressing 3 keys simultaneously - "Windows Logo" + Shift + S)
  2. log files - information on which files are involved can be found here
  3. the files you have used in your programme settings - you will find information on which files this is about here for FX Harvest PRO i here for indicators
  4. if the error relates to a transaction, extract the account history from the period in which the problem occurred (after right-clicking on the History tab, select the date range and then right-click again and select "Save detailed report" (MT4) or "Report -> HTML" (MT5)
  5. any other useful information

Send the whole using the form from the page Report a problem.

We will endeavour to respond within 2 working days.

4. Cumulative volume

Cumulative volume does not appear on the chart

Applies to version 4.x - in version 5 the problem no longer exists.
If the Cumulative Volume indicator has been added to the chart but the data does not appear in the window check if the market on the instrument is currently open. If not (e.g. at the weekend or overnight) then wait until the market is open or download and run the MT4Ticker programme. The link to MT4Ticker can be found on our website Useful programmes.

The scope of visible data is limited

For performance reasons, the default number of visible bars is limited to the last 1000 candles. If you want older data to be visible as well, increase the value of the parameter Maximum number of candles to greater than 1000. You will find this parameter in the indicator settings window - press CTRL+I and click 2x on the indicator name to enter the settings.

5. Useful information about Metatrader

What is a Data Folder and where to find it?

The Data Folder is the folder where Metatrader stores all configuration, data and additional programs. The Data Folder is easy to find, just select File -> Open Data Folder from the Metatrader menu.

What is the MT4/MT5 log and how do I look at it?

Metatrader saves information about how it runs itself and the programs it runs in it in so-called logs. If you have a problem with a program it is best to start looking for the cause by checking what entries have appeared in the log. You can view the logs:

  • for MT4 - the Strategies and Journal tabs in the Terminal window - by default located at the very bottom of the MT4 window
  • for MT5 - the Experts and Log tabs in the Terminal window - by default located at the very bottom of the MT5 window
  • for Trading Simulator (Strategy Tester) - Log tab in the Tester window

More relevant to the operation of the programmes is the information stored in the Strategies / Experts logs. The logs are also saved in files on disk as mentioned in the in this entry.

Where can I find the log file on the disk?

Metatrader saves log files to disk in the Data Folder the following catalogues:

    1. for MT4
      • log Strategies in the \NMQL4Logs directory.
      • log Log in the Logs directory.
      • log The strategy tester log in the folder `Tester Logs' (for Trading Simulator - Strategy Tester)
    2. for MT5
      • log Experts in the directory \NMQL5.
      • log Log in the Logs directory.

Each day a new log file is created - the file name indicates which day it is from e.g. 20200902.log. IMPORTANT - to copy a log file you must first close Metatrader which will save all the information to disk. It is advisable to open the Data Folder before closing to easily find the file.

6. programme updates

Automatic update to new versions

As of mid-April 2024, each of our programmes has a built-in mechanism for updating to a new version. The update looks as follows:

1. each programme checks for a new version every week
2. if there is a new version, the question is whether to update
3. if you do not accept the update the question will appear again in a week's time
4. if you accept the update, the new version will download and you will be asked whether to restart the terminal
If you select yes, the terminal will reboot itself; if not, the new version should be loaded the next time the terminal is started.

NOTE - programmes using the real volume only update when set to the tick volume, this is due to the conflict of the update process with the clusterdelta libraries.