M1 Armor

M1 Armor is a package of 2 indicators and a market scanner to support intraday trading according to the strategy of Temet Nosce, an experienced trader with many years of experience, leader of a group of  M1 Trading Office // M1 Fund

M1 Auto UHVA
  • automatic designation of zones of highest turnover - zones act as strong supports and resistances in an intraday perspective - price ranges in which the biggest players trade
  • works with real volume (requires ClusterDelta premium package) and ticker volume
  • marks the zones from the M1, M5 and M15 intervals of the current and previous day
  • available on MT4 and MT5
M1 MTF Kijun
  • determination of Kijun levels (key component of Ichimoku) from multiple intervals simultaneously: from M5 to W1
  • The kijun is the 50% level of price over the last x periods - it works very well as a directional indicator to identify the direction in which the market is moving cross-sectionally
  • available on MT4 and MT5
Kijun Scanner
  • shows market direction on multiple intervals and instruments simultaneously
  • the direction indicator is the position of the price relative to the current Kijun level
  • available on MT4 and MT5

More information about the M1 strategy can be found on the group M1 Trading Office // M1 Fund