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We are a company that since 2015 has been offering tools for forex and CFD traders using platforms Metatrader 4 i Metatrader 5

See how we can help you become a better trader
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FX Harvest PRO trading panel supports you in your day-to-day market operations by automating and simplifying many tasks

calculates risk, hedges trades, opens positions while you can focus on market analysis


not yet familiar with the possibilities of the CAPP and MMD strategies? join the large number of traders who apply them using our solutions.

Discover how easy it is to analyse the market with SD Zoner, manage positions with FX Harvest, search for opportunities with Market Scanner MMD


Market Scanner MMD 6 is able to track 70 instruments simultaneously on 7 TF searching for 5 signals

up to 2,450 combinations checked in real time to find you the best deals and deliver them straight to your phone


FX Harvest PRO has built-in account protection mechanisms that activate when the balance falls below a designated level, closing the trade

everything so that you do not have to worry about exceeding significant risk levels