Market scanner MMD 6

Your own trading signals

The MMD 6 market scanner detects price movement directions and up to 3 types of trading signals based on moving average clouds and trading volume. With the scanner:

  • you save time - you don't have to stay awake at your computer all the time and keep an eye on the chart, you just have to wait for the signal you get as a notification on your desktop, mobile and email
  • you save money - you buy a licence once and it is valid for life, no subscriptions or hidden costs
  • you don't miss a thing - you have an overview of very many instruments and all intervals at once
  • you trade in line with the trend - you can pick and choose only the best bargains and avoid the deadly trade against the trend.
  • you see what's really going on - you get volume signals, the surest indicator of what the market is doing
  • you have your own style of trading - adjust the scanner to your preferences

Be sure to watch the MMD Market Scanner video with installation and configuration details

It is best to open the video in a new window by clicking on the white YouTube logo in the bottom right corner and watch in full screen.



Market Scanner MMD 6


Examples of signals