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On this page you will find the current versions of the programmes along with the history of changes.

Programs without a licence key can be run in demo mode on DEMO accounts.
The programmes will not run in demo mode on REAL accounts.
You will find the expiry date of the demos below the download links.

Versions for Metatrader 4 are labelled MT4, for Metatrader 5 - MT5 and both versions packaged in one file are labelled MT4+MT5.

FX Harvest PRO / Forex Trading Simulator

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Download the current version List of changes
 Download v8.3 MT4 EN
Download v8.3 MT5 EN
Demo mode active until 31.12.2023
Demo only works on accounts DEMO. The demo for Trading Simulator only works in the MT4 version on the EURUSD M15

 Key for accounts FTMO Trial valid until 31.12.2023 - DOWNLOAD
8.32 (08.10.2023)

  • recommended update - version with performance enhancements

8.2 (30.06.2022)

  • improved storage of SL<1 in the horizontal panel
  • corrected not deleting all objects when removing Harvest from the chart


  • recommended update - version with improvements to, inter alia, flight and SL counting

8.1 (01.07.2022)

  1. more flight counting options
    - revised quota risk method
    - added method by % margin
    - added method by margin amount
  2. changes to the interface
    - simplified mini interface
    - dark "skin"
    - possibility to switch off tooltip bubbles
    - addition of an option for the position of the panel calculated from the left-hand side of the chart
    - clearer font
    - protection against the panel disappearing outside the chart area
    - improved performance in case of conflict with certain indicators
  3. line changes for placing orders
    - clearer lines
    - the size and amounts of SL and TP, the type of order, as shown in the chart
  4. changes to the trades panel
    - summary
  5. amendments and improvements
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7.707 (28.06.2021)

  • a number of improvements to Trading Simulator - Version 2.2
  • fix for saving settings for instruments with a dot at the end of the name
  • correction for flight rounding on some instruments
  • separation of licences into language versions
  • other minor amendments

7.706 (01.05.2021)

  • addition of the FIBOX module
  • amendments to the calculation of % loss and gain when protecting the account
  • other minor amendments

7.700b (01.02.2021)

  • addition of flight "L" calculator
  • transfer of % locking settings from BE and spread protection to "S" settings panel
  • automatic display of the SL line when the SL calculation function is activated from a range of candles
  • automatic redrawing of the grid object in the Pyramid&Grid module when changing grid settings
  • change the designation of the position reversal option from "F" to "R"
  • amendments
    • performance optimisation
    • problem with reading the key when starting the platform
    • position of the panel in the tester
    • reading values from the transaction panel in the tester
    • position of the vertical panel - "disappearing from the chart"
    • removing redundant log entries and hiding the zone when closing a transaction in the Hedge module

7.636 (01.12.2020)

  • bug fixes that cause the programme to crash in specific cases
  • amendment to the calculation of SL visible on the panel
  • possibility to swap the BUY / SELL buttons
  • keyboard shortcut for the FLIP function
  • extended logging

7.632 (05.10.2020)

    • Hedge 2.1
      • Amendment of the calculation of the flight ladder including transaction costs
      • automatic removal of SL and TP when hedge is active
      • closing pending positions at the close of the original
      • TP$ and BE$ already active for the primary position
      • graphical representation of TP$ and BE$ levels and modification of TP$
      • alert when price BE$ is reached
    • CAPP 2.4 - Faster signal recognition from Stoch Candles and order processing
    • calculating a weighted BE price including transaction costs
    • fix for automatic saving of settings and recognition of settings from other program versions
    • email alerts added

7.622 (02.09.2020)

  • New version of the Hedge module - 2.0
  • fix for cooperation with SD Zoner
  • fix for automatic grid creation in the Pyramid & Grid module

7.61 (01.08.2020)

  • Polish language version
  • balloon prompts for all options
  • simplified settings - reduction of the number of parameters by 60%, removal of unused options
  • New module - Trading Simulator 2.0
  • option to automatically switch off trading after reboot
  • Ask lines can be shown/hidden
  • added TP S2/R2 and SL S5/R5 levels to CAPP
  • bug fixes

7.513 (06.06.2020)

  • fix for error of swapping buy / sell order type in specific cases after using SL Line function

7.512 (05.05.2020)

  • fix for error of opening sell transactions in ALGO module

7.511 (05.05.2020)

  • an additional button on the horizontal panel to switch off automatic trading;
  • modifications to the settings panel and a reset button;
  • correction for incorrect TP setting;
  • correction for incorrect closing of some positions;

7.51 (01.05.2020)

  • recording and reading of settings from the panel;
  • defining your own sets of settings;
  • automatic saving and reading of settings - globally, per symbol or per chart;
  • Hedge Recovery 1.0 module;
  • A value of 0 for SL becomes equivalent to not putting SL;
  • ease of entering lot, SL and TP in the top panel;
  • reduction of the top panel;
  • Fix for lot counting for some symbols in MT5;
  • fix for an error when reading the licence key when running multiple charts simultaneously;
  • settings made in the panels are retained when switching between TFs;

7.413 (05.04.2020)

  • settings made in the panels are retained when switching between TFs;

7.412 (21.02.2020)

  • change from points to pips;
  • automatic setting of the point / pips conversion rate;
  • Interface scaling corrections when setting the manual scale;
  • displaying label keys and setting lines as selected when the horizontal panel is hidden;
  • 20 sec wait for account to be connected before checking licence;
  • change the default setting of the flight commission to 0.0;
  • change the default setting for increasing the flight at Algo to false;
  • bug fixes;
Cumulative volume

Download the current version List of changes
 Download v5.24 MT4+MT5
Demo mode active until 31.12.2023
Demo only works on accounts DEMO on the EURUSD instrument
 Key for accounts FTMO Trial valid until 31.12.2023 - DOWNLOAD
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5.24 (22.05.2022)

  • addition of minimum values for the differences in pips and volume necessary to detect divergence
  • amendments

5.22 (11.05.2022)

  • MT5 version
  • clusterdelta panel integration
  • performance improvements

5.21 (01.04.2022)

  • detection of divergence
  • enhanced control panel - facilitated reduction and increase of sensitivity, hiding and showing of labels, lines and divergence
  • possibility to display any length of history on all TFs
  • list of instruments to choose from in the settings
  • adaptation to the new version of clusterdelta 5.2 indicators and acceleration of performance
  • possibility to run the indicator on a closed market
  • corrected position of labels
  • possibility to hide the swing line
  • Polish language version

4.21 (25.03.2021)

  • fix for indicator start-up error
SD Zoner

Download the current version List of changes
 Download v4.42 MT4+MT5
Demo mode active until 31.12.2023
Demo only works on accounts DEMO on the EURUSD instrument

 Key for accounts FTMO Trial valid until 31.12.2023 - DOWNLOAD
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  • performance improvements


  • trading in cooperation with FX Harvest PRO


  • new wizard mode for drawing zones - multiple TFs simultaneously


  • wizard for automatic zone drawing
  • prompts displayed by hovering over a button
  • choice of colours for each zone
  • email alert
  • corrections and optimisations


  • 2 new zone types D2 and S2 drawn only after candle shadows
  • drawing the 50% pivots alone
  • new user interface
  • names of all parameters in Polish
  • Compatibility with Metatrader 5
  • corrections and optimisations
M1 Armor

Download the current version List of changes
 Download v2.03 MT4+MT5 EN
Demo mode active until 31.12.2023
Demo only works on accounts DEMO on the EURUSD instrument
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2.03 (01.05.2020)

  • Correction of incorrect recognition of GMT zone with some brokers for ClusterDelta volume in the Auto UHVA indicator

2.02 (23.02.2020)

  • includes Kijun Scanner
  • correction to the calculation of the start and end of day on some instruments in the AUTO UHVA indicator

Download the current version List of changes
 Download v1.40 MT4+MT5 EN
Demo mode active until 31.12.2023
Demo only works on DEMO accounts on EURUSD

  • added support for triangles
  • fix for copying objects on D1 and higher intervals on MT5
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1.36 (20.08.2020)

  • performance optimisation
  • addition of an option to filter by the names of objects copied from the source chart
  • bug fixes

1.35 (14.08.2020)

  • addition of the possibility to place multiple readers on one chart - this gives the option to configure any combination of TF + object type

1.34 (01.05.2020)

  • option to exclude objects for copying based on names
  • correction of an error of not copying objects when only some types of objects are selected
  • correction of an error of leaving a copy of some objects on the chart after deletion of the originals

1.33 (30.01.2020)

  • correction of an error concerning the creation of a redundant vertical line


Market Scanner MMD

Download the current version List of changes
 Download v6.15 MT4 DEMO
Demo mode active until 31.12.2023