I have a problem with your programme. How and where do I report it?

The programmes are accompanied by detailed installation and operating instructions. Make sure you read the instructions and follow all the installation steps before reporting a problem. The most frequently asked questions relate to:

  • licence key error
  • no possibility to trade in FX Harvest PRO
  • ClusterDelta subscription

If you have read our FAQs and instructions for the programme and are unable to find the answer / solution to the problem yourself then please report it to us. Please describe what the problem is - try to give us information so that we can help you quickly. Don't be surprised if a perfunctory report such as "it doesn't work for me" is answered with an equally perfunctory "it works for us" 😉 Include with your report:

  1. a screenshot of the described situation (you can use the Slice and Draft tool provided with Windows - it is activated by pressing 3 keys simultaneously - "Windows Logo" + Shift + S)
  2. log files - information on which files are involved can be found here
  3. the files you have used in your programme settings - you will find information on which files this is about here for FX Harvest PRO i here for indicators
  4. if the error relates to a transaction, extract the account history from the period in which the problem occurred (after right-clicking on the History tab, select the date range and then right-click again and select "Save detailed report" (MT4) or "Report -> HTML" (MT5)
  5. any other useful information

Send the whole using the form from the page Report a problem.

We will endeavour to respond within 2 working days.