How do I save FX Harvest PRO settings to files?

FX Harvest PRO settings are stored in 2 locations.

  1. Programme start-up settings
    1. open settings - F7 key
    2. go to the "Enter parameters" tab
    3. select "Save" in the bottom right corner
    4. file with the extension .set will be saved - by default in the MQL4 directory in the Data Folder
  2. Current settings
    1. open the settings panel - tick the box next to the letter "S"
    2. enter settings file name
    3. click "SAVE"
    4. will be saved a file with the specified name with a .txt extension in the MQL4\Files\FXH_Settings directory in the Data Folder

I have a problem with your programme. How and where do I report it?

The programmes are accompanied by detailed installation and operating instructions. Make sure you read the instructions and follow all the installation steps before reporting a problem. The most frequently asked questions relate to:

  • licence key error
  • no possibility to trade in FX Harvest PRO
  • ClusterDelta subscription

If you have read our FAQs and instructions for the programme and are unable to find the answer / solution to the problem yourself then please report it to us. Please describe what the problem is - try to give us information so that we can help you quickly. Don't be surprised if a perfunctory report such as "it doesn't work for me" is answered with an equally perfunctory "it works for us" 😉 Include with your report:

  1. a screenshot of the described situation (you can use the Slice and Draft tool provided with Windows - it is activated by pressing 3 keys simultaneously - "Windows Logo" + Shift + S)
  2. log files
  3. files of the programme settings you have used
  4. if the error relates to a transaction, extract the account history from the period in which the problem occurred (after right-clicking on the History tab, select the date range and then right-click again and select "Save detailed report" (MT4) or "Report -> HTML" (MT5)
  5. any other useful information

Send the whole thing by email to:

We will endeavour to respond within 2 working days.

I have a problem with the licence key. What should I do?

If you are running the programme in demo mode, make sure you are logged into a DEMO account. Programs without a licence key cannot be run on REAL accounts, a licence error will be shown.

If you have purchased a licence and the programme reports a problem with the licence key then follow these steps:

  1. check that the key included in the software package is placed in the Data Folder in the specified subdirectory and if not, upload it and try running the programme again:
    1. for MT4 - MQL4 Files
    2. for MT5 - MQL5 Files
    3. for Trading Simulator (Strategy Tester) - Tester Files
  2. if after performing the steps in pt. 1 the program still reports a problem with the key check that:
    1. in the case of an account number licence, check that you are running the programme while logged in to the broker on the account number you specified for the licence
    2. in the case of a surname licence, check that you run the programme while logged in to the broker on the account with the name you entered for the licence (applies to both real and demo accounts)
    3. in the case of Trading Simulator (Strategy Tester), make sure you are logged in with a REAL account, the licensed version of Simulator does not work with demo accounts
  3. if, after performing the steps in point. 2 still reports a problem with the key check the licence entries in the log and make sure you have the correct key and that it matches your account details
  4. if you have followed all of the above steps and are still having trouble with your key, please send us an e-mail or messenger by attaching a log file