SD Zoner 4

automatically detects and draws zones

in the terminal and on your mobile phone when the price reaches the zone

Instant orders with FX Harvest PRO

If you are looking for a simple and structured strategy that gives you an edge in forex then you have come to the right place. Our Zoner 4 SD indicator determines supply and demand (SD) zones and will save you a lot of time spent drawing zones on different instruments and intervals. It will also free you from constantly waiting at the monitor by allowing you to set a separate price alert for each selected zone. The indicator is offered in both MT4 and MT5 versions.

In version 4.1, we added the Wizard for drawing automatic zone delineations - quick analysis of important levels on different TFs has never been easier! In version 4.2, the Wizard has been expanded to allow you to draw zones on multiple TFs at once. Use the wizard and draw zones, set pending orders and spend your time on other things instead of wasting it in front of the monitor. And in version 4.3 we have added fast orders from FX Harvest PRO.

Be sure to watch the videos on how the Wizard works and how you can easily play SD zones!
In the second video, a demonstration of quick orders using the SD Zoner and FX Harvest PRO duo!