FXWare Replicator

If you trade on the basis of analyses conducted on different intervals and simultaneously on many charts, the FXWare Replicator indicator will save you a lot of time you would otherwise spend on copying drawn objects between different diagrams of the same instrument.

The indicator is offered in an MT4 and an MT5 version.

The indicator supports all standard intervals from M1 to MN and in addition up to 2 user-defined intervals which also allows objects to be copied from offline charts. Supported object types:

  • horizontal lines
  • vertical lines
  • trendlines
  • rectangles
  • triangles
  • Fibonacci levels
  • Fibonacci expansions
  • texts

It is enough to draw or modify an object in one of the charts for the change to appear immediately in the other charts. Indicator, in addition to the position of objects, also copies their attributes such as name, colour, thickness, style, customised fibo levels. It can also copy objects drawn not by hand but by other pointers.

We place the FXWare Replicator indicator on the chart from which we intend to copy objects and the FXWare Replicator Reader indicator on the chart to which we want to have objects copied.

See a short 5 min video demonstrating the capabilities of the Replicator indicator

It is best to open the video in a new window by clicking on the white YouTube logo in the bottom right corner and watch in full screen.