Indicator FXWare Multisymbol ATR Label. The indicator displays a list of selected instruments on the screen, together with the current ATR (Average True Range) value indicating the current volatility of the instrument. This allows you to select an instrument whose volatility at any given time matches the strategy you are pursuing. Separate thresholds between low, medium and high ATR can be entered for each instrument. The indicator also generates alerts in the terminal and on mobile. The indicator is designed for Metatrader 4.

Rules for entering symbols and thresholds:

  • symbolList: list of instruments to be monitored, to be entered separated by commas, semicolons or the pipe character |
  • pointsMediumList: list of thresholds separating the low ATR level from the medium one (in points) - to be entered separated by commas, semicolons or pipe | signs, the order must follow the list of instruments
  • pointsHighList: list of thresholds separating medium level ATR from high level (in points) - typing rules as for pointsMediumList

Questions about the indicator can be asked at ForexCity group on FB. For free indicators we do not provide support by email or in messages on FB. Thank you. 🙂

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