What is a Data Folder and where to find it?

The Data Folder is the folder where Metatrader stores all configuration, data and additional programs. The Data Folder is easy to find, just select File -> Open Data Folder from the Metatrader menu.

Where can I find the log file on the disk?

Metatrader saves log files to disk in the Data Folder the following catalogues:

    1. for MT4
      • log Strategies in the \NMQL4Logs directory.
      • log Log in the Logs directory.
      • log The strategy tester log in the folder `Tester Logs' (for Trading Simulator - Strategy Tester)
    2. for MT5
      • log Experts in the directory \NMQL5.
      • log Log in the Logs directory.

Each day a new log file is created - the file name indicates which day it is from e.g. 20200902.log. IMPORTANT - to copy a log file you must first close Metatrader which will save all the information to disk. It is advisable to open the Data Folder before closing to easily find the file.

What is the MT4/MT5 log and how do I look at it?

Metatrader saves information about how it runs itself and the programs it runs in it in so-called logs. If you have a problem with a program it is best to start looking for the cause by checking what entries have appeared in the log. You can view the logs:

  • for MT4 - the Strategies and Journal tabs in the Terminal window - by default located at the very bottom of the MT4 window
  • for MT5 - the Experts and Log tabs in the Terminal window - by default located at the very bottom of the MT5 window
  • for Trading Simulator (Strategy Tester) - Log tab in the Tester window

More relevant to the operation of the programmes is the information stored in the Strategies / Experts logs. The logs are also saved in files on disk as mentioned in the in this entry.