Can I use the licence on trial/challenge accounts in FTMO?

If you have a licence in your name then in FTMO you will not be able to use it. FTMO labels all accounts with a standard name and there is no way to distinguish who the user is. For TRIAL accounts, you will find downloadable keys at Updates | Demo versions. For CHALLENGE / FUNDED accounts, you can buy a package of 5 licences per account number and add further numbers as you progress in FTMO.

Can an account number licence be transferred to another number?

No, the licence is permanently assigned to a particular account number and once it has been issued, it can no longer be changed. If you need a licence for an additional account number then you can extend the licence to a named version. You can make the extension by purchasing an upgrade for your product in our shop. Go to shop.

How does the name licence work?

The software will work on any real account opened in the name provided when purchasing the licence. There are no restrictions on the number of accounts or brokers. You do not need to worry if you have different variations of the name entered with different brokers. Upper/lower case, first name/surname order, middle name, Polish characters - none of these things are a problem - the licensing mechanism will handle all variants.

Do you have a problem with your licence key?