Pyramid & Grid module

The Pyramid & Grid module is used to erect advanced order grids.


  • selection of the number of levels, free editing of the distance between them, lot and SL for each position separately
  • convenient graphical presentation of the grid on the chart before placing it
  • the possibility to set a common SL and TP for the whole grid when creating it or to move it later on
  • calculated total risk for the grid
  • automatic generation of grids with ascending or descending flight
  • saving of different grid settings and the possibility to load them later
  • automatic mode - the grid will be activated when the price reaches the selected level
  • securing profit for the whole pyramid - 7 levels calculated in points

Video demonstrating the capabilities of the Pyramid & Grid module

It is best to open the video in a new window by clicking on the white YouTube logo in the bottom right corner and watch in full screen.