Open Close Levels

Free indicator FXWare Open Close Levels. The indicator displays the market opening and closing levels on the screen according to the selected hours. The indicator is designed for Metatrader 4.

Example settings are saved as defaults in the indicator. See for yourself how the price reacts to the set levels on the DAX and SP500 indices.

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  • gmtOffset - the broker's time offset - for example IC Markets or Admiral is +1;
  • YDayColor, TDayColor - colours of yesterday's and today's levels;
  • NameSuffix - used to distinguish between sessions;
  • MarketOpen - market opening hours;
  • MarketClose - market closing time;
  • LevelX - an additional level that can be set for any hour;
  • showLabels - specifies whether the level names are to be shown;

The time should be entered in the format hh:mm. If a level is not to be drawn, simply leave the field for entering the time blank.
(Version 2.0 - all levels in one indicator, 2.01 - fix for drawing levels from yesterday)

Questions about the indicator can be asked at ForexCity group on FB. For free indicators we do not provide support by email or in messages on FB. Thank you. 🙂